David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 11

Name of Song: Mesmerized

It feels like an old acquaintance returning,
It matters not that we are strangers at this time,
It’s the feel of the vibe from a long ago buried past,
So automatic you fall into this other time.

Our lives are different since when we last were both together,
Our special time was really mixed with broken vows,
That mutual mesmerizing was made of love and regretting losses,
They blend so smoothly you think it’s better than what you’ve got.

You can stick onto the wonder of these vibrations,
They make you feel like there’s a love that never dies,
And then to mix them with the touch of another’s body,
Makes it hard to ever think of anything else.

It can be wondrous when this happens with your true love,
You both have purpose and a future that’s hard to beat,
To keep this love and intense sensation forever going,
Can test how well you’re willing to talk and then love again.

We are lucky because we’re made of sheer persistence,
We have the ability to make a vow and see it through,
I know your vows can pressure you far beyond your willingness,
But then the simplest thing we can do is say them again.

These mesmerizations create a feel that’s so inviting,
I often wonder if they’re made of luring traps,
This physical part of life has all these different sensations,
Yet without a body what’s left is you and nothing else.

I sometimes wonder what it’s like without my body,
Is it as good as being inside with all those vibes?,
I’ll never know unless I try to get outside of it,
It seems so frightening to take this step all by myself.

There are wonders never dreamed of in my future,
I seem to find later on I made them all,
The endless love I use to keep these wonders going,
Keeps my attention on what’s right for me, and off my past.

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