David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 18

Name of Song: Magic Children

Magic children,
You may have wished you were there all over again.

Magic children,
Giving life to all those things you never would.

Magic children,
Showing emotion they never thought to hold inside.

Magic children,
Taking for granted the freedoms felt, but soon you’re old.

Magic children,
What would you give to feel like that all over again.

Magic children,
Often abused into a state of mind, now bent.

Magic children,
They’re a sponge that be can fed all sorts of things.

Magic children,
Let’s start protecting the certain future of the human race.

Don’t touch their magic,
Let it be, and let them grow into who they are.

Let them talk it out,
Just listen and learn about who you brought into your home.

Feed them real food,
Not the synthetics that have almost become the norm.

Give them clean water,
Their bodies use it to grow and clean themselves inside.

Make them think,
And invite them to create the future, it’s what they’ll have.

Become a friend of theirs,
It’s what they need, just like you did when you were young.

Don’t ever make them wrong,
You’ll spin them in, a fragile mold that still needs to grow.

Love them dearly,
Instead of giving them what you feel was done to you.

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