David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Name of Song: When things were simple

This is a story about Time, and our gradual slide into it.
It is about where things may have begun for you.
The accompanying music portrays this story (when composed).
Then you can read the story below while listening to its accompanying music.


Before the beginning we were much better off as beings.

We didn’t need orientation points to feel located.

We were quite happy creating effects.

We liked who we were, and weren’t tempted to become someone else just because they created something we didn’t.

We were quite happy with just ourselves, and who we were.

We liked that we could pervade things.

We liked that we could be wherever we chose to be.

It hadn’t occurred to us that we should prove anything to anybody.

We liked that we could observe.

We enjoyed our own self. Very much.

We were sort of invincible, but in a spiritual sense, not a physical one.

The physical universe was only something to observe and pervade.

It had not occurred to us that we should compete with it.

After all, we were spiritual, not physical.

We liked observing it. It was something new to us.

Just being in and around it was quite satisfactory.

In the beginning it seemed to appear and disappear to us, but probably because we hadn’t decided if we wanted it to stay or not.

The fact that we were, and still are, immortal, is also why we were, and still are, timeless.

And thus, deathless.

But, those qualities were, and still are used by ourself and others to make things more solid and visible.

We ceased to be motionless in our native state.

We got the idea we were motion because we gave in to this minute rhythm that drove us.

We started being space, and then time.

And so appeared the beginnings of Space and Time and our participation with it.

It was a very very very very gradual slide into space and time.

We very very very very slowly became it’s persistence.

Bit by bit by bit.

You could say it fascinated us.

We even felt this physical universe had beauty.

We thought it had a life of its own.

We felt it was sort of like us.

And it was.

We just forgot that it was us who made it like us.

We even decided we weren’t doing it!

It was…. because we were.

And here we are, still giving it life.

But in the end, one can only look in the mirror for “who did what” to us.

And…., there is a point where kindness ends and stupidity begins.

We have long passed that point, and have even forgotten how stupid we were.

We were remiss in maintaining a balance between our use of force and our use of intelligence.

So…. here we are.

But some things survived this slide into Space and Time:

We still can love.

We consider it our pleasure to help anyone who needs helping.

We can be successful.

We love to do nice things for people.

We still reject killing unnecessarily, as can happen in war.

We seem to be willing to do things forever if they help.

We still use our mind, and too easily become the effect of it.

• We still seem to like hanging out in a body, and we continue picking up new ones.

We still like to laugh,

and sometimes cry, as it helps us release things stuck inside.

We are kind.

We like to get things done.

We are ourselves, timeless and deathless, and possibly,  just bored with it all.


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