David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 5

Name of Song: Losses

I’ve had losses, so have you,
They don’t end, although they’ve gone,
Heartfelt thoughts of times we had,
I am here, but they are not.

You continue, well your body still breathes,
Seems you’re now led by a stronger will to live,
Sadness distracts from a subtle change of guard,
Some will tell you they’re now in the hands of God.

Your attention’s still on the loss you had,
Hard to shake what sticks to your very core,
It feels like you left a piece of you behind,
Yet there’s nothing you can do but move on forward.

Living this dual existence,
Part back there, and yet here you really are,
What is holding this pain and loss in place,
It seems so close, is it just a mental scar.

As you age you feel the cells getting older,
Each with their memory of what you’ve done before,
Fables talk of magic immortality,
Maybe just hopeful futures about themselves.

Then another loss suddenly happens to your dismay,
You somehow come through it, but a little worse for wear,
You change your views on how to feel, no other way it seems,
You either fold, or you harden so not to tear.

But what if no one ever really leaves you,
What if their body is the only thing that left,
What if you understand this truth and it makes a difference,
Well you’d also have to admit you were a spirit.

A way to erase the pain of loss

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