David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 2

Name of Song: Losing Bodies

I was out and around,
Hovering above the ground,
No need to worry,
‘Cause I have my body.

Suddenly felt a little tug,
An intention out of nowhere,
Didn’t know I had to protect it,
Not aware of this new threatening.

So then I became less carefree,
Never realizing that was not me,
Ensconced within this game now,
Yeah…they finally got to me.

Snatching others’ bodies,
For fun and playing with strife,
I really became a sucker for
A new game some called life.

You were expected to get inside one,
So you had something for all to see,
The latest look and beingness,
A way to keep them pleased.

They die, they’re taken, they promise sex,
Without them there is no game,
Being bored with who you really are,
Has a price that still sticks to this day.

The unbelievable emotion,
That comes out of us while in bodies,
It defies the gods and all their gifts,
And it’s all confused with loving.

When we look at our loss of another,
In love or in death, or both,
How do you replace your blend with them,
How do you retrieve that bit of yourself.

The real beauty of loving another,
Just knowing without even touch,
Just pure constant pervading,
The thrill and joy that spirits know so well.

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