David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 3

Name of Song: Losing a Father

I got the news by telephone,
He died in my mother’s arms,
He had no chance to say goodbye,
He left in the blink of an eye.

I decided to find him anyway,
It’s an interesting exercise,
So easy to negate what you think you perceive,
Old blended habits linger on so deep inside.

I used my own intuition,
Ignoring those voices within,
Connecting up with who he was,
I felt his spiritual grin.

I found him above his body,
He was wondering what occurred,
His “now I’m supposed to’s” and all that stuff,
He realized were simply words.

I made my presence known to him,
He gasped in his own way,
His attention on the autopsy,
But sadly he had no say.

He knew that life was over,
He felt alone and afraid,
I told him just stay close to me,
While figuring his next game.

So surprised to suddenly see me,
Never talked in this spiritual way,
He quickly became adapted,
Just like dad, but in his own way.

One day I found him playing,
Above his childhood streets,
I’d never seen him that happy,
Took him dying to feel that way.

He’s now 23 and married,
I now and then perceive,
He’s just a spirit like all of us,
Seems silly to always grieve.

My father was my father,
He’s now another life,
Our loss is just perception of
What vanishes from our sight.

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