David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 12

Name of Song: Living the dream

The idea of marrying the perfect woman and having children,
Watch them grow, help them ascend to higher planes,
Observe them becoming themselves through day to day adventures,
A brief direction when you see they’re gonna fall.

The American Dream has charmed the minds of many Westerners,
It’s been based on debt to get all the things you’re told you want,
But if there’s a change that makes it hard to keep that dream going,
The sudden loss can bring your whole world tumbling down.

You may have noticed there are people this is happening to,
And they’re suffering because they now don’t have a job,
They can’t make the payments on all the things the dream says,
Sadly sometimes it includes their treasured family home.

There was an earlier dream that was promoted way back in America,
It was the hope of land, and building your own home,
Ensuring water was close and available to grow your food with,
With some trees for shade and a family to make it whole.

There was pride in exchanging skills with your friendly neighbors,
There was calmness from building what you called your own,
There was trust among your people and your family,
The time spent working to provide a living hasn’t much changed.

As the current dream unfolds into many peoples’ nightmare,
You might remember living as a simple way of life,
All you have to do is basically eat and sleep a bit,
Add some activities to make life tenable and somewhat fun.

I know that things are not set up to easily do this,
It will take a change that we all can see and share,
But we all know how to adapt and survive a little bit,
Just get used to learning skills you have forgot.

We can build the American Dream much much more stably,
Where most everyone who tries can reach their goals,
Without the yoke of debt to hold us in a fixed place,
We will all achieve those personal dreams we hold as well.

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