David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 2

Name of Song: Lara Fabian – An Angel that sings her own Soul

Her ability to sing her own soul,
So fluid as a stream,
She is full of endless beauty,
Such integrity quite something to be seen.

She has connected with her spontaneity,
With a voice she so easily plays,
She makes it do what she wants,
She always sings her inner ways.

She’s so excited to tell everyone,
She is singing what she feels,
She’s always willing to leave herself open,
As her clarity of song unpeels.                                  

There are few upon this planet,
Who sing the way she does,
She’s truly in a league of her own,
She has mastered telepathic buzz.

I cannot impress on you enough,
How great this being from above,
She is the most startling spark of life,
In a world not used to endless love.

I hope I have communicated,
The immensity of her art,
There has not been many like her,
Although so many have done their part.

To Lara, I say….thank you.
Your physical beauty matches how you sing,
May you always be protected,
From the solidity that often clings.


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