David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 13

Name of Song: Are we all just one?

Is there a difference between you and me?,
Is there a link that’s in all of us?,
Is there a line that makes us all bond?,
Are we all part of the one big connection?

We sometimes can feel what’s inside of another,
Does that make us just like they are?,
An ability to sense what a lover is thinking,
We are always our very own soul.

Our urge to be one with another,
Has a power that drives us to love,
Is this what we’re meant to be doing with life?,
Is this how we’re supposed to be living?

Our urge to want to love another being,
Is so very strong that everything else often cast aside,
If we weren’t so immersed within bodies and what they want,
Then the difference between us all, a whole other story.

Are you a spirit with an urge that cares for bodies?,
Are you beholding to the many desires of a physical form?,
There’s nothing wrong with having fun with all these bodies,
But when they die you’ll see it’s not who you really are.

Does the urge to be all one help us forget our real self?,
Is the thought of who we really are just too much pain?,
Is that person who tells you to prove that you’re a spirit?,
Someone to trust or simply observe as they go insane.

The idea of spirits to some is unbelievably frightening,
They’re always busy convincing you to be a form,
So much agreement to never talk about us spirits,
But the scam can only go on for just so long.

We should declare July the 4th a day for spirits,
Then it would mean who it was originally intended for,
And it’s not that you have a soul or have a spirit,
You ARE a spirit inside a body, always your own soul.


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