David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 8

Name of Song: I’ve come to the end of a lonely track

I’ve come to the end
of a lonely track,
Winding roads
that took me back. 

Very random, 
Often blind,
Learnt  to perceive
inside my mind. 

Dead end roads
misleading me, 
Telepathy used
to better see. 

Adventure waits,
Mysteries unfold,
Your mind remembers
if it knows you’re bold. 

Your mind responds
to your certainty, 
And knows you care   
with affinity. 

As long as you
know who you are,
You’ll find your way
to any star.

Some can see
their stars ahead,
Others hope
for no more dread.

Because you know,
Because you care,
The world is yours
Ignore the dares.

The future lies
within your grasp,
The past reminds
you what was last.

Be your future
and everyone,
People are happy
’cause you’re the one.

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