David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 22

Name of Song: It

A mystery for years,
It can’t  appear, 
Because it’s made 
out of things not here. 

It can’t be seen,
It can’t be held,
Some try to buy it,  
Some try to sell. 

It can’t be changed, 
Can’t be removed, 
It can’t be faked,
Needs no approve. 

Although it’s here,
It’s never seen,
It never wants 
Except to be. 

It seems to know
when needed most, 
Forever friends 
Our eternal host.  

You wonder what
I’m talking about, 
It’s so sincere, 
And has no doubt. 

It could be you,
It could be me,
It could could be all
of eternity. 

It never shows 
Its face to us,
Yet always there 
to calm the fuss. 

So who is this
Who is this “it”,
A friend to all 
who never quits. 

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