David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 25

Name of Song: In hindsight

I should have known,
I didn’t see,
Just how evil
She was to me.

It took a while,
It always does,
It takes so long
to see what was.

I should have seen
the things she did,
But sadly I
was just a kid.

It’s time we learned
to grow up fast,
And know about things
that help us last.

We should be taught
To grow our food,
To fix our cars,
Create our moods.

It’s not so hard,
to calm a race,
Of people used
to being chased.

Survival skills

Are all around,
So much resolved,
Those skills are sound.

Success begins
with confidence,
Build it now,
You’ll have defense.

Respect is earned
by competence,
Create your life
with common sense.

It’s not too late
to make a life,
One you love
that gives you might.

Self determine
what’s best to do,
Include your family
and they’ll love you.

I should have known,
I should have seen,
Never too late to
survive and see.

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