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Song#: 10

Name of Song: I’m dying

I think I am now dying,
I maybe even dead,
It’s hard to face this feeling,
It’s what I always dread.

I’m spiraling inside a tunnel,
That’s made for things like this,
Now this is very interesting,
Suspiciously reminisce.

It could be one of many,
Confusions made for death,
No separation between me and it,
Until its final breath.

A sad time to experience confusion,
When I’m not sure where I am,
I thought I had this whole other world,
Then it dies and I see it’s a sham.

It’s tough to face even part of this,
Though for a moment I see what is true,
Then off to the next little body I go,
As I become my next little who.

My new little who is so cared for,
I so easily become all that’s there,
I naturally fall in with my new parents,
Relieved again to be in my own snare.

The next many years is my experience,
A lot of life, a lot of love will pass me by,
Then it’s time to die and “go to heaven” again,
But when I look at who I am, I never died.

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