David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 29

Name of Song: I’m being very honest

All of the deaths
that I’ve been thru and left,
Scattered along
a track of bereft.

I’m being very honest,
I’ve lived many lives,
No need for discussion
Just my own personal strive.

It’s not a mistake
that we feel what we feel,
Eventually we’ll remember,
Yes those thoughts become real.

It may take a while,
Be patient with self,
It’s all up to you
and nobody else.

Maybe not vital
to know what you know,
But do you ever get tired
of living the same show.

One should take care
of oneself a little more,
The spiritual side
that knows what life’s for.

We are invisible,
Immortal at best,
Trapped in a timeline
So we quietly rest.

Our body is with us,
It’s trained to survive,
Let’s change the show
Become ourselves and go live.

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