David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 7

Name of Song: I’ll listen

I’ll listen to your view,
Heh, I’ll listen to what you say.
You’re important,
Have no doubt of that, it’s always true.

What you have to say,
Is what you need to tell to live your life.
Your urge to want to be heard,
Is something that I know you need to live.

An entrance to all life,
Is having someone to listen to what you say.
A godly trust inbred,
That we all know we must return the flow.

Listening to ourselves,
Another way to learn of what we need.
Our love for other folk,
Is based on having some interest in what they say.

So simple now is life,
Be there and experience what they have to say.
Simple pleasures around,
And they all rely on listening to everyone.

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