David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 15

Name of Song: It’s time to go

Suddenly my mind recalls,
Some things from earlier times,
Things I never resolved within
My own reactive mind.

I cannot blame another,
Although the urge is there,
So easy to get stuck on what
Had put me in despair.

But here I am still breathing,
Reviewing where I’ve been,
I’m so pissed about someone
Who made me feel their sins.

They did it over and over,
Until I thought my own,
They used my love until I turned
Into their sorta clone.

She’s dying as I speak to you,
Such dread she gave to me,
It ruined part of who I was,
Now separating away from me.

It’s hard to say in words just what,
Is happening to me,
But pieces of her evil mind,
Are blowing off from me.

Been always hard to shake her off,
Unreal to those not there,
She weaved a web of endless hate
That left me in despair.

No one has the right to make,
A baby feel their pain,
She never had the right to rant,
And scream all her disdain.

No one has a right to hate,
Or cave in another being,
No one has the right to stop
Another person seeing.

No one has the right to lie,
So others hate me too,
Relentless hate into my world,
Creating an endless coup.

One day I hope to be rid of what
I feel inside my soul,
Such feelings that were not my own,
But told they’d make me whole.

So willing to trust another,
A baby likes to merge,
That’s the time to wreck their life,
With hate and evil purge.

You may feel I’m negative,
I know the things I feel,
This story that I just now told,
Is sadly very real.

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