David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 10

Name of Song: I have a friend

I have a friend,
Helps me with song,
Provides a view
I pass along.

I rhyme this blend
that I bring along,
Of mind and body
into my songs.

They have insight
Their memories long,
I blend it all
into my songs.

I have my body
And all it’s minds,
Their cells must come
to present time.

Let them speak,
No other way,
Just like you
must have your say.

This is how
you create peace,
Let them speak
and war will cease.

There’s too much noise,
I’m sure you see,
But it’s been made

Enjoy my songs,
Write down your own,
Embrace your blend
when you’re alone.

People like
to help their friends,
Never cease
until your end.

I do intend
a better life
For all who hear
my blend of strife.

God helps those
who help themselves,
Be so kind
like Santa’s elves.

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