David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 27

Name of Song: I got used to losing

I’m leaving now
that reactive way,
A constant fight
to avoid its say.

I got used to losing,
Sometimes a win,
But just enough to
assert its sin.

I obeyed
its hidden force,
It’s secret was
its mystery source.

Reactive urges
are part of you,
Or so you’re told
and so you do.

Many things
are said to us,
Seems not much true
amidst the fuss.

Do you believe
what you are told,
Do you accept
so feel their bold.

Think your own,
It’s what you have,
At least your own
Enjoy the grab.

The spirit lives
inside our bods,
It’s you, it is,
Our own pet pods.

We want to share
with other pets,
And so a family
helps us reset.

Survive we will,
It drives us all,
Inspiring us
to accept the call.

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