David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 24

Name of Song: I got used to fear and hate

I got used to fear and hate,
I needed my own dose,
Not because I wanted it,
Just ‘cause knew nothing else.

Your body becomes accustomed,
To repeating pain and hate,
It sticks within so deeply that
it patiently awaits.

Now I am much older,
Those memories haunt me still,
What I resisted long ago
All but destroyed my will.

The good news I just realized,
That this is where I’ve been,
A magnet for that fear and hate,
Illusions seemed near me.

Self invalidation,
So easy to partake,
There’s always fear or hate to use
from memories that just wait.

I misdirected my focus,
I chose to squash myself,
Some would say so noble,
No, I just got used to all those welts.

I trusted those above me,
Forced to call them Sir,
Way too small to make a stand,
Their violence became a blur.

They could get away with,
What made me feel so small,
I was so much less in size,
To me they were so tall.

I must admit I’m chuckling,
Those memories went on too long,
It’s time to focus on my now
and end it with this song.

The above’s an early story,
How a child obeys the mold,
But trusted people have no right,
to violence ‘cause they’re old.

Children can be molded,
Or left to make their life,
No one has the right to use
some violence for their spite.

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