David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 8

Name of Song: How I feel now

I find myself in love with those around me,
A startling place to suddenly find myself within,
A spiritual love that’s finally made its presence,
It’s become what I have continually dreamed about.

This intensity I am feeling,
Has been a constant hope,
It gave me a standard for how to live,
Always keeping it in my scope.

And now I feel I’ve merged with life,
In a way that’s wholly mine,
The one thing that’s become so clear,
I’m a spirit not part of time.

There are lofty things I could talk about,
Experienced thoughts that want to be known,
I just wanted to say I’ve reached my goal
That’s worthy of this prose.

Looking back through my many lifetimes,
I found pieces of me strewn about,
I had a habit of leaving my attention around,
Where some experience had left me in doubt.

The recovery of self is very mechanical,
Although spiritual in its own very personal way,
Be willing to recover the many pieces of you,
Where you left them strewn all about your past.

You can recover yourself by thoroughly inspecting,
The bad experiences you keep buried in your past,
They all have your attention stuck inside of them,
And your love becomes trapped there as well.

Love emanates from each and every one of us,
It gets caught up while trying to help our family and friends,
When it gets stuck there amongst the ruins of a bad memory,
We may then feel a need and urge to do a cleanse.

I now find myself in love with everyone,
A startling place to finally find myself within,
It’s so much easier to keep alive this amount of affinity,
By just recovering what I’ve left my attention in.

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