David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 3

Name of Song: Growing up with a mind

It doesn’t seem to fully work until your brain grows,
And all the nerves connect up to the brain along the spine,
But I am sure you can remember something when you were young,
It’s been recording since your cells began to live.

Yes, each cell has its own thoughts and “now I’m supposed to’s”,
They make up your body and everything inside that makes it work,
They send messages when it’s hurt or when it feels good,
They also suggest to you via your brain what you should feel and eat.

They are servants to the body they grew up in,
They are programmed to serve the organ to which they belong.
Their only purpose is the survival of the body,
So they think in terms of protecting their own host.

Now as a spirit, you probably have different goals and purposes,
Although you need a body to carry these futures out,
So your addiction to having to pick up these baby bodies,
Is actually vital if you want to continue to play the game.

Now there’s a lot of cells as you can imagine inside your body,
They will renew if some get damaged during physical impact,
And a recording is also made of whatever happened to them,
It’s a reminder so this will never happen again.

Now a spirit doesn’t really fit this type of lifestyle,
It likes to push its body much harder than the body likes,
But after losses and the occasional physical impact,
It learns to back off and become a quieter soul.

There are some spirits who still refuse to give in quietly,
They are proud and feel the fight should still go on,
Sometimes these people seem too different from the rest of us,
So other’s try to make them fall into their hole.

Living life when you are young is often exciting,
Taking chances is part of being just a kid,
The thrill of exploring or trying out some new experience,
Is what the mind will often reminisce about as you get old.

You know your body feels much better after a bath or shower,
Also good food and sleep and sport done regularly,
Well your mind is very much like your own computer,
You need to clean the drive and remove what shouldn’t be.

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