David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 5

Name of Song: Food and Sex

Now food and sex seem to always go with one another,
Bodies feed off both it seems it’s what they need,
It sure seems endless if you decide to ignore doing either,
You suddenly realize they have more control than what you thought.

Seems food and sex is always needed by these bodies,
Doesn’t look like they can survive without either one,
Just remember they are urges from your body,
And as spirits we’ve learned to enjoy them very much..

You can choose to think about this a little further,
Or you can choose to continue living as you are,
But I assure you when you die you’ll see the difference
Between yourself and that dead body you called home.

I know I earlier portrayed the wonders of sharing another,
And I still believe you should enjoy the game you play,
But not to know that you’re most definitely not your body
Is the same as knowing you’re not the car you always drive.

So keep as separate as you can from what you’re doing,
You’ll find it easier to enjoy yourself with a little more space,
You can apply this drill in other parts of your living,
And your body will appreciate you in ways you won’t expect.

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