David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 4

Name of Song: Focusing

The focus of a being
On what they do and see,
A magic flow of endless calm,
For those who seem to just be.

Explaining how one does this
Is not so easily found,
It should be taught when starting school,

So we’re prepared and not astound.

The thrill of becoming the present,
A newness like being reborn,
The intensity of you shows up where you stand,
Use your power that’s been so scorned.

In focus is like a camera,
When it’s in you see all so clear,
But when it goes out you start thinking about,
Maybe things that left you in fear.

We all focus on the past, present or future,
Choices about which one today,
Remaining within the exact moment right now,
Is yourself, and your own special ways.

Here is a some info to help you improve your focusing

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