David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 3

Name of Song: Female Charm

There’s charm within every female that’s so inviting,
It’s a wave that can be misunderstood for something else,
It’s been used, I know, for sultry and other purposes,
But before all that, it was a wonder to behold.

You can see it growing in the brightness of our children,
They imbue the life around them with all their heart,
They seem to do it without a thought of something returning,
They seem excited to make all others feel their love.

Then they grow and change and wonder what they’re feeling,
It seems like something that is foreign, but one must try,
Then it starts the endless roundabout for sensation,
They either make it through, or become what others want.

A man has similar urges inside him as he’s growing up,
The urge to try out what is urging him deep inside,
Some would say it’s very natural to have these feelings,
And from the standpoint of the future they are right.

But when these urges get all swayed and off the future,
And become compressed into an overwhelming urge to change,
Obeying your body often becomes the new found purpose,
With all the dead ends, and the pleasures, that are now the game.

You have to remember that you’re a spirit in a body,
Why you’re here, is not the subject of this song,
But when the past of times forgotten suddenly jolts you,
The usual response is to simply do what you are told.

Just because your body and mind take another direction,
Is no reason as a grown up child to lose your charm,
That special love that you can imbue all life around you with,
Is the truth of how a female really is.

Females are charming and seductive to the spirit,
They have the future of the race to think about,
They can make this job unbelievably soft and magical,
Really gives you something to always think about.

 Their charm in action

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