David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 18

Name of Song: Enough is enough

When will you stop,
We’d rather you leave,
Take what you’ve covertly
forced us to need.

Solving your problems
you made us take on,
Enough is enough,
We’ve decided we won.

How did we win,
We joined as a race,
Surviving together
No more need to save face.

Enough is enough,
The world is our home,
You don’t belong here,
There’s nothing here that you own.

Your stealing is over,
Your poisoning is done,
Inventing diseases,
Then selling drugs just for fun.

Sorry to tell you,
You were just biding time,
You were your own legend
in your own stupid mind.

Bye bye for now,
The black holes await,
They’re waiting for you
to begin your long wait.

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