David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 7

Name of Song: Gently does it

Gently does it, life goes on,
These endless waves of love,
I love your body,
I love your mind,
And how you blend from above.

I feel I see the future,
With you and me inside,
I want your body,
I want your mind,
And how you blend in kind.

Deciding who to be with,
Discovering the sublime,
Gently does it from above,
As I blend with you through time.

5 years looking back at love,
10 years loving still,
20 makes the head now swirl,
While 50 calms the thrill.

Time is quite a viewpoint,
When sort of close to death,
And love goes on and on and on,
As it calms your one last breath.

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