David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 12

Name of Song: Don’t leave

Don’t go into the future,
Don’t go into the past,
Blaming others an excuse just for
What you didn’t do yourself.

If you can please stay in the present,
It’s hard but you’ll be glad you did,
There isn’t much room for error,
Present time is simple, kid.

Try and be in the moment,
Of the now of where you are,
Don’t use those thoughts of pleasure,
For hoping far above.

Put calm into your inner self,
You’re already here and now,
Your lack of motion can be your source,
For a calm that makes your life.

Temptations make you wander,
Be a friend to who you are,
Calmly focus your own power now,
Separate from any scars.

You are so very simple,
A love within your shell,
Kind and ever caring,
So all your friends stay well.

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