David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 3

Name of Song: Remember it’s still YOU

Such sadness in dying,
As life seems so short,
You won’t notice that feeling,
Until there’s less to be fought.

You may wonder this focus,
This attention on death,
Well, in my experience
We seem stuck to last breaths.

Then there’s the separation
From what we were in,
We’re so used to these bodies,
But again strive to begin.

So where do we go,
When we think we have died,
Well everyone’s different
As are the family that cry.

We could go and visit
all those ones we have loved,
Or fall into that blur
of our god and above.

But what we’ve been told
And what we have been,
Seems different from what
We now find that we see.

So live your own life,
Enjoy everyone,
But never forget
All the things you have done.

And when you appear,
In your new body of choice,
Remember it’s still YOU
As you use your new voice.

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