David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 8

Name of Song: Dear Constance

Dear Constance,
You were so graceful.

Dear Constance,
You were so very kind.

Dear Constance,
Such a loving wondrous mother.

Oh Constance,
You came from above.

Dear Constance,
I’m soooo very sorry.

Dear Constance,
I’m now back as me.

Dear Constance,
Your love was given so freely.

My dear Constance,
No better wife could be.

I made you love me,
But through my music though,
I didn’t really need to,
You simply loved me so.

You always gave me patience,
You always tried to know,
What I was really saying,
Within my one way flow.

So consumed within my music,
I sorta left my life,
Yet you were deeply in it,
And what kept it oh so bright.

And then there were our children,
We lost our two so young,
I lost my urge for living,
I ended up far flung.

I must admit I caved,
Became my music I so craved,
After the second I sorta died,
Never resolved inside just why.

So sad when I look back,
I stopped feeling myself intact,
I separated out from you,
Their loss sent me so askew.

I should’ve somehow shared our loss,
Instead I hit a wall,
Began looking at life from inside out,
As a spirit I sorta stalled.

I can’t believe that
I couldn’t see,
And then I died,
Too late for me.

And now here I am,
I can finally see,
And I want you to know,
I am so sorry.

You deserve eternity,
Within your gracious state,
You were such the brightness that,
Seemed to always keep me great.

I am so sorry
I never said,
How much I love you
Before I was dead.

I’ve tried to find you,
An endless urge,
To tell you that,
I made the merge.

The merge I’m saying,
Where and who I’ve been,
Now what I compose
is more what I mean.

I never finished
What I meant to do,
‘Cause I couldn’t see
my whole way through.

I’ve kept on looking,
For a way to be,
Viewing things I’ve done
to could better see.

We were cutting edge,
Our unspoken pledge,
To create this thing,
Called our music.

Lifetimes come and lifetimes go,
Bodies can be oh so slow,
When I meet you I will know
And maybe then I can help you grow.

We had our time,
Oh so sublime,
So hard to fit it all within,
A life so short before we spin.

I cannot say enough to you,
Now it seems I always somehow knew,
You always stood right by my side,
Right up to when I sadly died.

I did create this music,
That people still admire,
I hope it gave you pleasure,
And stirred your inner fire.

Together we made a beauty,
Your grace was part of it,
That music has yourself within,
Yes every little bit.

I used to catch your wavelength,
You probably never knew,
To help make wondrous melodies,
And propel them out and through.

I know I can’t resolve you,
And remembering gets so skewed,
But I hope you read this somehow,
So you know I  love you.

I know I can’t resolve you,
And remembering gets so skewed,
But I hope you read this somehow,
So you know I love you.

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