David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 1

Name of Song: Choices

Thank god there’s choices,
An inherent beauty that resides all over life.
We still have choices,
Until we let another decide what’s good for us.

We choose the food we eat,
At least at home that’s still a freedom used by some.
We choose the spouse we marry,
Until it all goes wrong and we say it’s all their fault.

We choose the job we like,
At least we can while there’s still jobs to pick out from.
We choose the talk we have,
At least while freedom to speak our minds is still intact.

You chose the body you have,
Just because you can’t remember doesn’t make it false.
You chose to fertilize your wife’s embryo,
So your kid must always be loved and never hurt.

You are choosing to live right now,
Don’t ever think this is not magic at its best.
You can make choices now,
It’s the only way to live and court success.

Thank you for listening,
You didn’t have to go this far into this song.
But you are doing it,
And I hope you choose yourself from this point on.


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