David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 8

Name of Song: They’re always killing

Celestial seasonings
That fall upon our lives,
Are we all from another place
Still confused and wondering why.

Did we all come in earnest,
Looking for a better place,
Or were we forced to leave because
They wanted to leave no trace.

Are we a threat to a certain few,
Do we remind them of their kills,
Are they so worried we’ll find them out,
So they lie through their paid for shills.

Whether here or there it matters not,
These types of beings are always killing,
It’s the usual way they cover up their crimes,
So they feel they can go on living.

Sadly people can’t seem to see,
The intention underneath those smiles,
They call it something that isn’t what…
is actually, something vile.

You can complain about this world we’re in,
But also take a look in your mirror,
It’s true that you’ve been shoved and tugged,
But it may also be true you asked for it.

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