David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 1

Name of Song: Catching a thought

Catching a thought,
The good ones come fast,
They appear in an instant
and then become past.

Capturing their essence
that leads to their source,
That’s me just creating
as I follow my course.

The essence of creating
comes from just YOU,
Know what you know,
It’s what you already knew.

It’s a wonderful process,
Like nothing around,
Catching it quickly
My create knows no bounds.

Holding the capture,
Telepathic control,
Practice will bring you
to the ultimate goal.

Molding this captured
thought that is yours,
Your key to creation
into all types of doors.

Get used to creating,
It’s what you do best,
Endless creating is
how we’ve been blessed.

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