David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 4

Name of Song: Always looking for someone better

Always looking for someone better,
Take a breath and decide who it is,
If we’re looking for us, we don’t have to go far,
We are right here inside our very self.

We’re always looking, whether a friend or a love,
We’re always looking, seems so much to do,
We’re always looking, often an automatic urge,
Take a breath and decide who it is.

We’re always looking, ever wondered if that’s true,
Ever wondered what really motivates you to move,
Always looking for love, or a friend to be with,
Or is there a road you must find into you.

Life is being lived by many people of Earth,
They are all looking it seems for something too,
Coming together on this search, may be the key to a life,
And a better and safer place for all.

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