David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 14

Name of Song: Above your own brain

No one to share it with,
A lonely affair,
Hard to create future
when by self in despair.

Can you try helping,
Extend me a hand,
Make my life calmer,
So I can better plan.

Wishing those wishes,
Hoping for love,
Praying for pity
Even a blessing from above.

Waiting a while,
Endlessly wait,
For some needed kindness
before it’s too late.

Can you imagine,
If your wishes came true,
That what you have hoped for
comes into your view.

Can you imagine,
A life full of love,
As I look in the mirror
I realize I’m from above.

Hard to resolve,
Goes against the grain,
But the truth is you’re always,
Above your own brain.

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