David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 12

Name of Song: A way to meet God

I must be alone,
To create what I think,
It’s part of my process,
Simply life at the brink.

You feel I am joking,
Well it all happens fast,
Following my instincts,
The risks are so vast.

But things seem to slow,
As I move out of time,
Then suddenly it opens,
And I’m given the sign.

Moving so fast,
I must be alone,
Harder to share
what I just have been shown.

Being alone,
A curse and a win,
Being by self
Is in no way a sin.

Thinking alone,
Intuition is boss,
Realizing that
Not using it loss.

Living in now,
Is life at its best,
Alone becomes calm,
Feel sorta blessed.

To really meet God,
Demands that you be,
Very alone
So he only sees thee.

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