David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 7

Name of Song: A child is born

We married shortly thereafter,
We had no doubts concerning the move,
We were happy to be finally together,
And enjoying a wonderful groove.

We bred children to raise and experience,
To watch them grow and share of their lives,
We would let them be unless they had needs,
Always inviting them to come back to cause.

The game gets much bigger with children,
There is more to observe and behold,
The joy of creating becomes more a drill,
In that way, regrets don’t become the norm.

The time for each other becomes scarcer,
Children seem to want all the love,
But sometimes it’s kool to sneak out the door,
And enjoy what you both used to have.

A child is a spirit in a small body.
One that you created to give it a home,
Don’t be surprised if they cry or act like they’re lost,
They were old, now they’re young, they’re just confused.

The urge to carry on one’s own identity,
Can be stronger than anything known,
Plan ahead and ensure there’s a body for you,
So when you die you don’t feel you need a clone.

Our children are the future of mankind,
We must make their stay one of joy,
If we do take the time to ensure that they win,
We’ll have leaders who really do care.

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