David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 3

Name of Song: A beautiful sadness appears

Remindings of an earlier life not finished,
In its goals and dreams that haunt her to this day,
There seems a lust under that veil of beautiful sadness,
But it’s too hard to remember, so long long long ago.

We are blessed with love and the beautiful sadness that caresses it,
There are two sides to love, a most thought about human desire,
The deepest strengths and urges appear out of this pent up life force,
That make a life on Earth so worthwhile to pursue.

You can’t say enough about this urge so deep within us,
It’s so so strong and so intense, never to be erased,
You can reach and then withdraw from it’s powerful clutches,
But then you find yourself moving in and out of the human race.

It’s all or nothing when you’re serious about being true to it,
But what is this sadness that seems to envelop body, mind and soul,
It feels great when you can turn it into an aesthetic,
Then you bypass what seems to live under its spell.

Now why is death always a part of this tendering mixture,
It’s the other side of this sadness’s haunting lulling wave,
It’s so attractive yet coyly masked in something sticky,
It’s so deep, so very deep within us all.

If I told you what was really underneath it,
You’d probably brand me an heretic and turn off this song,
But I know the feeling that you get from beautiful sadness,
Can be the most moving form of love you’ve ever felt.

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