David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 15

Name of Song: Our Brotherhood of Man

Feelings of guilt,
Lost in regret,
No matter how small,
Still feels like a debt.

You broke your own code,
It’s like your own vow,
And so your life goes,
You live with it now.

Know what you know,
And say what you know,
Ignore all the noise,
Stick to your code.

Many see wrong,
End up crying or sighing,
It can be so hard,
Just keep on trying.

We can make this stand,
Always try to be here,
Remember your code,
Now make it clear.

I hereby proclaim
The Human Spirit has returned,
Join in its thrust,
Use what you’ve learned.

The religion of man,
Is to speak your own truth,
We all will improve
As we practice this sooth.

Welcome aboard,
Our Brotherhood has appeared,
A new day has dawned
for us to be cleared.

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