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Keys and Scales – Part 3



They are simply a further way of using the available sounds within a key’s note sequence to create more melodies. Creative composers are always looking for different combinations of sounds to make music, hence the many scales that have been created.

The beginning note of a key is the name of that key. It is also called a root note or a tonic note.

Songs usually start and end on the root or tonic note of the key that they started on. This gives the listener familiarity which is preferred by most people.

For the purpose of musicians being able to play together, a universal musical language that they can communicate with is needed. Keys and scales give them that. It allows them to be in good musical communication with each other, by giving each musician prediction as to what parameters of musical notes and chords the other musicians are going to play within during the song.

Here are a few links to introductory info on Keys and Scales
 A Music dictionary for your use

 An English dictionary for your use 

 A great reference tool for scales and chords for piano

 More info on major and minor keys and scales 

 Simple info video on keys for piano

 Info on scales using a guitar

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