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Step 6) How to Compose your Lyrics–Part 8



A final check you can do

Re-reading your lyrics at random times over a period of a week or so, each time reading your lyrics as though you have never read them before, will surprise you how much easier it makes the process of simplifying and refining them, until you reach that point where you KNOW WITH CERTAINTY they are just the way you want them to be.

Practical Exercise Step 7) Part 8
Emphasis is on noticing how effective it is to refine and finalize your lyrics repetitively over a period of a week or so, and in that way you end up with the lyrics you really want.

1) Re-read your lyrics several times on different days over a period of a week or so, and correct or refine or change as you see the need, keeping in mind everything you learned in the previous exercises.

2) Repeat 1) above until you are completely satisfied with each song lyric.

End Result
You now have a personal reality that repetitively going over your lyrics over a period of a week or so helps you get the lyrics you REALLY want, and are certain that is an effective way to finalize them. You also notice you’re not thinking about them anymore. They just are how you want them to be.

Added note: Another way you can do further finalizing of your lyrics is, while you are composing the music for them in the next step (Step 7), you will also have another creative opportunity to refine them even further as you blend and fit them into the melodies you create, until you are satisfied you have the song you want.

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