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Step 6) How to Compose your Lyrics–Part 5



Write your lyrics like how you normally talk

Your lyrics should sound like how you would normally talk to people about that subject you have decided to write about, using whatever emotion you would most likely say them in. That helps your listeners receive your ideas when you sing them.

Practical Exercise Step 6) Part 5
The emphasis on this exercise is to make sure each line of your lyrics says what you mean it to say and sound natural.

1) Review each of your lyrics and change them in any way you see is needed so they sound natural and just like you would normally talk.

2) Have 5 people who know you read your lyrics, and then ask them if they sound like you talking to them. When 5 people in a row agree they sound like you talking you have completed this exercise.

End Result
You have a certainty your lyrics sound like you talking, and you have certainty on that. Also as an added test, find five people who know you and they also agree your lyrics sound like you talking.

Added note: you can also write lyrics from another viewpoint not yours. Once you have mastered communicating your own viewpoint, then you can substitute another viewpoint not yours for the above exercise and the previous lyric exercises already done in this Step 6).

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