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Step 6) How to Compose your Lyrics–Part 4




Your lyrics should communicate emotion

Choosing the appropriate emotion to carry your song message is key to connecting to your listeners, if not already done. Being able to infuse that emotion into your lyrics so your listeners will feel it is your line in to their private world.

 Here is more info & a video on the various emotions you could use, and what they look like.

Note: a song can have more than one emotion in it. It all depends on what you the Songwriter want to communicate in your song to your listeners.

You could communicate an emotion by changing the tense of a word or words to past, present or future, or changing a word to a similar word that better communicates the specific emotion you are trying to convey. You’ll get a feel for that as you get more familiar with using different words. Use this • thesaurus as needed. 

Sometimes leaving a space where no words are spoken communicates an emotion, and using the music to say it instead of words.

The emotion you use should carry your song message in such a way that it leaves your listeners emotionally inspired, and you have developed some certainty that they will blend in perfectly with your music when composed.

Lyric writing is an Art Form
That is all part of the art of lyric writing, as words tell or describe to us how life is lived by people, and what they say to each other, or to themselves.

Start to think with lyric writing as an art form that uses words like you speak in normal conversation, and using those words that will make sense to people, utilizing grammar and punctuation, so their intended message connects with the listener’s feelings or thoughts in some way.

Practical Exercise Step 6) Part 4
The emphasis of this exercise is on choosing an emotion using your intuitiveness to match the one you used for your lyric’s intended message, and ensuring that emotion communicates easily to a listener when someone hears or reads your lyrics.
1) Use each of the lyrics you have already written and choose the emotion (if not already done) you want infused throughout the song. It could be as simple as figuring out the emotion you wrote them in which is often the case.

2) When you have done that on each song lyric you have written, go over each song lyric again in a new unit of time and gain a certainty it is the correct emotion for that song.

3) Have 5 people read any of your lyrics. Then ask each person what emotion they got from reading your lyrics. When you get 5 people in a row saying the exact emotion you intended, you have completed this exercise. Keep going until you get 5 in a row.

4) If you have any trouble in doing point 3) above, it may be worthwhile checking the previous exercises for any uncertainties or ways you could better say your lyrics. Then go back and do 3) above to its stated result.

End Result
You have no question you can choose the right emotion for your song lyrics and someone else gets that emotion from reading them.

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