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 Step 6) How to Compose your Lyrics-Part 7



Your Personal Integrity plays a part
Your Personal Integrity is something that should always shine through in your lyrics. 

That means how you look at life should be obvious to anyone reading your lyrics, plus any unique style of writing you may decide on using.

If you want your lyrics to sound like someone else wrote them, then ensure you know what that person’s Personal Integrity is like and have your lyrics sound like they wrote them.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do the free online course or its exercises linked to below unless you have a genuine and willing interest to do so, as the level of personal participation that will be demanded of you may be more than you are used to.

 The above mentioned integrity is talked about in this article
 Here is a way to increase your personal integrity if you feel the need
Inspiration can also influence the integrity of your lyrics

Practical Exercise Step 6) Part 7
Emphasis on this exercise is getting you used to being true to yourself and how you view life when you are composing your lyrics.

1) Review each of your lyrics you have previously written and verify with yourself that they communicate your own personal integrity in some way. Refine them as you see fit.

2) Repeat 1) above and read your lyrics as though you have never seen them before and objectively perceive the personal integrity that comes across, ensure that feels just like you and no one else. Refine them as you see fit.

3)  Repeat 2) above as needed, until you have no question while reading them it is your personal integrity that comes across. Re-read the article on Personal Integrity Personal Integrity as needed.

Note: It’s a perception you get used to, and the only way to know for sure if it’s your personal integrity coming through is to keep doing the above exercise and getting more and more familiar with your own personal integrity to the point, where you just get it and you know it’s yours coming across in your lyrics.

Important: you can’t really teach someone to know themselves. It’s their own self determined personal process of self discovery they willingly and continually do, by familiarizing themself with their own personality and how they approach life and do things. The info and exercises in this website speed up that process for you.

Your power comes from YOU. Even if someone else inspires you, you still have to create the inspiration for yourself to experience it, even if it all appears to be automatic.

End Result
When you read your lyrics you have no doubt they genuinely communicate how you honestly view life and you are completely satisfied.

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