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Step 6) How to Compose your Lyrics-Part 6 



Ensure your lyrics are easily understood
Writing lyrics that get across what you intend, IS the most important aspect of composing lyrics.

Don’t lose sight of this simplicity: when writing lyrics you are simply saying something about an idea you want to talk about, and you want others to really understand what you are saying so they really get what you are intending as yourself behind the words.

Practical Exercise Step 6) Part 6
Emphasis for this exercise is specifically on getting strangers to read your lyrics and they easily understand the message you intended.

1) Now go over the first song lyric you wrote and as you read it see if it communicates the message you intended for it VERY clearly.

2) If it doesn’t do that, change any part of the lyric so it communicates the message you intended for it. Change what needs to be changed so it communicates the intended message you wanted for it.

3) Repeat point 1) and 2) above on the rest of your song lyrics you have already written.

4) Repeat points 1) to 3) if you still feel not quite satisfied with your lyrics communicating your intended message you had for each. You will know when you duplicate and understand that intended message. Just get used to doing it until you can easily do it.

5) Find 5 different you don’t know and ask them what they got after reading your lyrics. When 5 people in a row duplicate and understand your message just like you intended, you have completed the exercise.

End Result
You have a complete certainty you can infuse an overall message into your song lyric words so anyone can read your lyrics and duplicate and understand that message clearly, just as you intended.

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