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Step 6) How to Compose your Lyrics–Part 1



What did you decide?
The creative route chosen for this website is writing the lyrics first and then the music. If your creative process dictates you write the music first or concurrently with your lyrics then you can still apply the principles laid out as they won’t change. It’s just a different sequence or order.

a) If you decided to write the music first, go to • Step 7)and then come back to this step to write your lyrics.
b) You may want to write your lyrics and music at the same time, and if so you would jockey back and forth between  Step 6) and  Step 7).
c)  If you decided to write a piece of music without lyrics then go to  Step 7).
d) If you decided to write your lyrics first continue on as laid out below.

Practical Exercise Step 6–1
Do the 4 points listed out below.
The emphasis for this exercise is on ensuring your message communicates clearly to anyone as they read your lyrics, and is obvious you are saying what you mean.

An easy way to start the process of forming your lyrics
1)  Using the previous Practical Exercise Step 4 you did, figure out a message for your song you now intend to write, if not already done.

2) Now write a short story about the song message, and make it compelling for others to get interested in.

3)  Then go over what you have written newly and take out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to convey that song message. In other words keep simplifying it until it just talks about the song message you intend.

4)  Now have 5 people (or more if needed) read your story and ask them what they got out of reading it, and when 5 people in a row get the message you intended you have completed this exercise.

End Result
You have a personal certainty that anyone who reads your short story that you wrote about your future song lyrics will instantly receive the exact message you intended within it.

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