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Step 6) How to Compose your Lyrics–Part 3




Form your lyrics using Grammar

Know that grammar is actually how to play with words, and organize your words, so they end up saying what you want to them to say in the emotion you want them to be communicated to your listeners.
There is a calming thrill when you get your lyrics to match perfectly what you are inwardly trying to say. Grammar is the tool you will use to help you get that done to your satisfaction.

If you need a little help with some grammar basics  click here for a video that is very simply done so anyone can understand it. You Tube has more advanced videos on grammar and using the English language if you need them.

Using punctuation in your lyrics
Punctuation shows in your lyrics how you want to express the pauses, exclamations, questions, or stops etc., which are some of the punctuation marks you can put on paper to show when, for example, you want the singer to pause, make an exclamation, question something, or stop briefly when singing your lyrics.

Here is a video to help you understand punctuation marks so you can use them to design your lyrics to make them sound more like how you want them to sound as if you were telling them to someone, and you wanted them to understand how you emotionally feel about what you are saying.

Finalizing the rhyming aspect of your lyrics
Your lyrics normally rhyme, but you may choose to not rhyme part or all of them, depending on how you want the song to sound. Use this • rhyming dictionary, and • this one, as needed. 
There are many different types of rhymes you could use, and they are  shown here.

Practical Exercise Step 6) Part 3
The emphasis for this exercise is on using the right grammar, punctuation marks, and the right rhyming, to help you in clearly getting your song message across to others so you like the way your lyrics sound to you. Do the points below on all the lyrics you just wrote in Part 2).

1)  With your current knowledge of grammar plus the above linked grammar videos, go over your lyrics you have written so far, and correct any errors or make any improvements to its grammar.
Add in punctuation marks where you want them so the lyrics better communicate your message, and, in the way you want them to sound, just like if you were talking to someone and wanted them to understand exactly what you were saying with your accompanying emotion.

Note: Lyrics should show your intended message because you infused your intention into them exactly so they show it. Grammar, punctuation, rhyming and all other tools you may choose to use, are there ONLY to help you get across your intended communication in the emotion you want, so people duplicate and understand exactly what you are intending to say to them. It’s all about people hearing what you are thinking.

2)  After reviewing the rhyming references linked above, make any adjustments to the rhyming of all your lyrics you have written.

3)  If you feel you need more practice, review each song lyric you just went over, and repeat points 1) and 2) above as many times as you need till you have confidence you can easily do it the way you want to, which usually matches them sounding just the way you want them to.

End Result
You have used grammar, punctuation and rhyming enough so you feel your lyrics clearly express your song message clearly, and in the way you would normally say them to someone so they received them exactly how you wanted them to.

They should flow in such a way that they will be easy to sing when you write the music for them.

You should also feel you have utilized all the ability and knowledge you have at this time to do the above exercise so you feel ready to learn some new info about lyric writing.

Added note: getting used to using and developing your own intuitive perceptions will begin building confidence in trusting your own judgment and decision making in how your lyrics should sound, and is an invaluable ability to have for writing Great Songs.

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