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A really big thank you

A sincere thank you is extended to all those people who took the time and effort to create the many musical theory sites, technical reference type sites, You Tube videos, and Free Google Photos that this website has used to enhance appearance, and provide workable links, mostly for the write-up  How to Write & Perform a Great Song, but occasionally some links were used for the • 55 Original Song Albums.

The author really understands the amount of creative energy that can be required in creating a website, or even one photo, and truly acknowledges all of the above creators.

Note: Any musical theory site, technical reference type site, You Tube video, or Free Google Photo used in this site was chosen not only for its free access, but because it provided a precise and easily understood presentation or image that communicated exactly what was needed.

Websites such as YouTube and other similar media do give money to websites such as this one, when they publish on them and enough people look at them to attract the interest of advertisers.

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