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How to navigate this website:

It has been observed that people don’t necessarily follow the exact order a website was written in as they might do reading a book. Picking and choosing points of interest is quite common and that has been taken into account in the overall presentation of this site. 

As you follow the sequence of this website, especially Part 2), and read its pages of info, you will many times be linked to a different page in another part of this site, or an external site.
Those links will take you to information or a video that the author wanted you to see so as to further explain an idea being discussed, or he felt a Songwriting Basic was important enough that it should be referred to, or even repeated.

Just read or watch what you have been linked to. When completed with that ensure you hit your back button as many times as needed to return to where you were linked from originally.

In that way you’ll always stay right in sync with the very precise sequence that the author has used throughout How to write and Perform a Great Song so you end up being able to write and perform one anytime you want.

Some examples of what internal links looks like :

1)  (gold dot) then words in this dark blue color describing the link – all links placed amongst regular info have a • (gold dot) introducing their dark blue text description so there’s no mistaking that it is a link.

2)   Section A) or Sections B) etc., then words in this dark blue color describing the link 

3)   a) or b) etc.,  or  01) or 02) etc., then words in this dark blue color describing the link


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