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Find yourself


Conditional: it is not recommended that you do the exercise below unless you have a genuine and willing interest, as it may require a much greater level of personal participation than you are used to.

To help you find yourself :
a) Think of someone you love or like very much.

b) Write down all the viewpoints you have accumulated about them, good and bad, until you have exhausted everything you can remember about them.

c) As you do b), try to differentiate which viewpoints are truly yours and which are not.
It should be mentioned that reactive viewpoints can be confusing. Know that you are not naturally reactive, even though it could possibly seem that way at times.
Also keep in mind using other peoples’ viewpoints are just other peoples’ viewpoints, and not necessarily your own.

e) As you go through that highly personal process of differentiating between your own and others’ viewpoints, a clarity can begin to form that will help you discover where your own viewpoints come from, and thus, yourself.
Persist until you are satisfied with your result.

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