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Very quick summary of How I Compose Music for a Song


A standard of quality a Great Songwriter should always try to achieve would be:
While listening you become so emotionally captivated and moved by the song that inspiration takes over and you instinctively start adding your own create to make it your own even more.

HOW telepathically captivated, and emotionally moved and inspired you are by the song seems to dominate HOW GREAT YOU FEEL THE SONG IS.


YOU are the source of your own musical ideas. That means you have the ability to tune into your own musical and lyrical creations, whether created in your past, or right NOW!

Take as much time as you need to read the info below first
YOU will know when you have tuned in to one of your own musical or lyrical ideas. YOU will feel it emotionally, or feel the message you intended or something familiar about it.

When composing a song YOU will be tuning into yourself and your own very personal creative world, and doing that multiple times during the complete composing process, until YOU feel you have created exactly what you envisioned for your song.

An analogy to help you understand the above
Older type analog radios have a dial you turn to tune into what you want to hear, which you do through your eardrums. You take that action of hearing music or voice for granted.

Tuning into your own musical and lyrical ideas is sorta similar. Instead of tuning into a radio station’s energy waves you are tuning into your own energy waves that YOU use to create those musical or lyrical ideas within your own virtual world.

You instinctively want to play and/or sing using your own body so all can hear how it sounds.

Only YOU can tune into, and become familiar with your own creative process as described above. 

When YOU become familiar enough with your own creativeness, you’ll start to become familiar with how you want to use it.

It’s really just getting to know yourself so intimately that you consciously realize you can use your own creativeness to write and perform great songs.

You are now becoming friends again with your own GREATNESS and the adventure of YOU.                           

It all becomes easier the more you do it, as you know yourself better than anyone.

That simple telepathic process has been explained in much more detail in How to get those musical ideas out of your head.

Below I summarize how I connect with myself to write the music for a song. You’ll notice when you follow the directions below, they invite you to constantly inspire yourself as a listener of your own music. The rest seems to follow naturally.



The BIG IDEA behind re-listening objectively to each recorded instrument and voice after you record it, is to make sure it re-inspires and emotionally captivates you as a listener to add in some more of your own create until you know it is jsut the way you like.
You also tend to develop your own • intuitive sense for how it will inspire and emotionally captivate your listeners to add in their own create to it as well.

That means when your listeners hear your CD or live performance, they immediately become telepathically inspired and emotionally captivated to instinctively add in some of their own create, because the song INVITES them to. That inspirational magic may occur again upon re-listening.

The above creative process is one I always do while composing a song.

In life, if you wanted someone to get interested in what you are saying, you would INVITE them to get interested in some way by intending your desire through words and your own emotion, and any other ways of expression you feel is needed to get your message across.

In that way they feel your urge for them to participate with you in what you are saying to them.
Entertaining people with your song is similar.

A Songwriter/Performer uses words and musical sounds driven by their urge to INVITE you into their own creative world so you also become inspired and emotionally captivated to make their song your own by instinctively adding in some of your create to it.

When you make  your song your own, you will notice that it tends to telepathically invite your listeners into your own world, which inspires them to instinctively want to make it their own too.

The more of YOU they feel and perceive while listening, the more they will feel it is a Great Song, and that is accomplished by making every part of the song totally your own.

A spiritual being and their unique communication is invisible to the naked eye, which is most likely the only reason writing a Great Song can seem mysterious at times, although a being can perceive the spiritual energy being generated through a performer’s body and instrument.

The average person may not be very familiar with telepathy and how it is used in communication, but, they will instinctively let themselves become captivated and emotionally inspired by it while listening to a Great Song from a performer who genuinely wants them to join in.

THAT is the spiritual quality people yearn for and are able to experience easily while being entertained.

The more of THAT present, the greater chance your song will become a • Great Song.

A video about achieving your dreams



Here we go:


Note – I have assumed in the following description that you have already written the lyrics for your song.

Step 1)  Using a drum machine or live drums, create or choose a rhythm which clearly communicates the message and emotion of your song so well that when re-listening to it, it re-inspires and emotionally captivates you to add in some more of your create so it feels more your own.

Here’s a video to help you become familiar with using some basic rhythms.

Note: If you have already composed a basic melody for your song, this would be a good time to choose the rhythm for it, which clearly communicates its message and emotion.

Step 2)  Compose and record a melody using an instrument of your choice, if not already done, on top of the rhythm you just created and recorded. When re-listening to it all, it should now re-inspire and emotionally captivate you to add in some more create so it feels more your own, and, you will probably start seeing more clearly how to complete your song.

Step 3)  Keep repeating Step 2) above with your remaining tracks of created melodies you record, including voices, bass and a full drum sound.

After recording each instrument or voice, re-listen to it as an objective listener, and ensure you feel the song and its message re-inspire and emotionally captivate you into adding in some more create so it now feels even more your own.
Then repeat that process with the next instrument or voice recording and so on until you have recorded everything you want in your song.

Step 4)  Keep listening to the mix over and over, and finalize any arrangements you want, while ensuring each instrument and voice is clearly and individually heard in a balanced way alongside every other instrument and voice.
Also ensure the song continues to clearly and distinctly generate its very own unique quality of re-inspiring and emotionally captivating you as a listener of it to add in even more create, eventually leaving you feeling the song is now completely your own.

Step 5)  At this point simply continue listening to your song over and over, changing anything you want and so forth, and, if you do it for long enough you will find yourself suddenly OWNING the song, because you have certainty you have brought to life exactly what you envisioned for it, and realize it is now well on its way to becoming what  is commonly called a a Great Song.

End result: the above unique magical experience in Step 5) above is a pure spiritual one, and you’ll realize at some point you can do it again and again and again, no matter how long it takes.

For writing lyrics and music and everything about the creating of Great Songs, including how to invite your listeners and live audience to own them just like you do, complete  this program. 

The best of success to you,


Note: This video is the best video I have seen for giving a songwriter a simple overall view of musical theory for composing songs. It puts it all together.

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